Lao Chai Village travel guide and tour

Lao Chai Village (Black Hmong) tour from Sapa – Full day from Sapa tours – Impress Travel, Join Sapa tours with us for the half-day trekking tour from Sapa town, the total trekking route is 7 km for the 3.5 hours trekking in the morning or in the afternoon. The trekking route is from Y Linh Ho village to Lao Chai village where is land of Black H Mong People, trekking via the streams, rice terraces and villages.


Lao Chai Village


Lao Chai village tours


3.5 hours trekking to Lao Chai Village


  • Leaving Sapa town at 8.30 AM or 1.30 PM then trekking down to Y Linh Ho Village (6 KM) from Sapa town.
  • Trek up and down via the bamboo forest, rice terrace, streams to find out the experience on the trekking way with daily life’ activities of local people such as ethnic people who are working on the rice terrace, famers with water buffalos, the children playing on the grounds.
  • Trekking along the Muong Hoa River within 3 km then leading to Lao Chai Village where the car / van will bring you back to Sapa town for lunch.
  • The optional tours for visitors, you can join the trekking with us for full day trekking tour to Ta Van village, that total trekking way is 17 km from Y Linh Ho village via Lao Chai to Ta Van village.


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